Is There A ‘Domestic’ Answer To Womens Workplace Stress?

Is There A ‘Domestic’ Answer To Womens Workplace Stress?

Is there a domestic answer to womens’ workplace stress?

Some revealing figures in new research highlight the stress that many  female staff suffer at work and poses the question: is there a “domestic” solution?

Cigna, the workplace health benefits provider says that heavy workloads made 17% of women feel stressed with one in 10 female employees saying  their stress  is  “unmanageable”.  Heavy workloads and financial worries are cited as some of their top concerns.

79% of women working said they felt stressed both at home and at work, compared with 66% of men.

Perhaps it is understandable, given that many women have to run a home with family commitments in addition to their work.

Increasingly working women are turning to domestic help to assist with the running of their home. For many in the top flight of earnings, there also exists the solution of a full-time domestic housekeeper. Staff can of course be either live-in or not.

So what exactly  falls under the umbrella term of “housekeeper”? Well, cooking and cleaning, childcare, laundry, running errands, looking after children, acting as a companion for an elderly person.

A housekeeper can take the strain of running a family home if both, or a single parent, are at work, but it is essential to have the right person.

There are a host of considerations which need considering in your home: Your personal circustances.. Do you require special religious aspects to the operation of your kitchen and food preparation, Jewish or Muslim for example?

Do you entertain? What standard of food preparation do you expect? If you have children, do you already have a nanny? Will your housekeeper work hand in hand with your nanny to look after the children when she is either absent, or doing something specific for you that takes her out of the home?

All these factors need to be carefully considered.

We at The Graham Agency have 34 years of experience of carefully matching candidates to clients. We pride ourselves on understanding the unique requirements of each client through personalised contact, discussion and appreciation of individual circumstances.

So, if you consider the domestic staff route, talk to us first.

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