Keep Your Kitchen Safe From Germs.

Keep Your Kitchen Safe From Germs.

Cleanliness in kitchens is essential to prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

Your employer should provide colour-coded kitchen cutting boards to reduce the risk of cross contamination. i.e. the transfer of harmful bacteria from one food product to another via the most common routes, equipment, tools, hands and cutting/chopping boards.

For reference: The different colours of chopping boards and their uses is as follows: Red – Raw meat, Blue – Raw fish, Yellow – Cooked meat, Green – Salad and Fruits, Brown – Vegetables and White– Bakery and Dairy.

Remember safe working practices when handling raw materials including: washing hands after handling raw meat and not using the same knife for raw meats and other products. At the very least thoroughly wash them after each type of usage

Ask whether any people you are cooking for have any food allergies or specific dietary requirements and, if that is the case, make sure you understand how to avoid these substances. Typical substances will be: milk-based products, wheat, gluten, peanuts.

The name of your employer’s family doctor should also be given to you in case someone becomes ill while you are on your own.