Keeping In Touch With Staff UK Wage Trends

Keeping In Touch With Staff UK Wage Trends

As an employer of domestic/household staff you will undoubtedly pay considerably more than either the National Minimum Wage or the Living Wage.

However, it can be useful to know what is happening in both regimes as it gives an indication of whether wage trends for staff are stagnating or on the rise.

There are two useful monitors: The government National Minimum Wage, and the “Real” Living Wage.

The former is mandatory for employers whereas the latter is a voluntary high level UK workers will enjoy a pre-Christmas pay increase if their employer is a member of the “real living wage” campaign.

 Employees of businesses which have signed up to the Living Wage will see their UK hourly rate by 30p to £9.30 for all areas except London

Those  living in London will see their hourly pay rise by 20p to £10.75.

The Living Wage Foundation’s voluntary pay rate applies to all employees over 18. It is calculated independently and is based on costs such as food, clothing and household bills.


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