Keeping You Safe At Work:

Keeping You Safe At Work:

Before using electrical equipment, you should always check the electric cord for frays, breaks and defective plugs.

Before plugging in an item of equipment, check to see that the equipment is switched to the off position.

If you notice an item of equipment overheating, sparking or smoking, turn off the power supply and report the incident to your employer. Under no circumstances should the equipment be used again until checked and repaired by a competent person.

Never unplug an item of equipment by tugging on the lead which can cause damage, instead always unplug an item by pulling firmly on the plug.

Wet hands and electrical equipment don’t mix well, ensure your hands are quite dry before using an electrical item.

Lastly, never attempt a repair to defective wiring or electrical equipment. Report the problem and ensure it is repaired by someone with appropriate experience.