Live In Housekeeper Vs Live Out Housekeeper

Live In Housekeeper Vs Live Out Housekeeper

What’s The Difference Between A Live In and Live Out Housekeeper?

The main difference between a live in housekeeper vs a live out housekeeper is that they will stay on the premises such as in a spare bedroom, self-contained accommodation or in an annex or particular floor for example. So somebody looking for a live in housekeeper in London will need adequate space to accommodate them.

The benefits of having a live in housekeeper vs a live out housekeeper, is that they will be on the premises so will always be prompt and ready for service every day as they are not battling the traffic or public transport of London.

This is ideal if you need a prompt start in the morning and rely on a housekeeper to prepare the home in the morning before the household wakes up. A housekeeper can prepare the home, cleaning up from the night before, preparing breakfast and ensuring school uniforms are ready to wear as well as taking care of school runs.

What Are The Benefits of a Live In Housekeeper in London?

As well as being able to start early and being prompt for work, a live in housekeeper is ideal if you would prefer the home to be occupied during the day, for example to take in parcels and deliveries, clean the home, take care of school runs and prepare dinner.

If you travel frequently and your house is often left unattended, a live in housekeeper provides an added level of security and peace of mind. They can complete their daily duties and ensure the home is kept in the best condition, ensuring dust does not settle and that any household issues can be taken care of, so you do not return to any unpleasant surprises and your home is ready for your return, clean and fully stocked.

A live in housekeeper is also usually able to be more flexible with their working hours, so should you need them short notice for an event, dinner party or anything else, they can usually meet this for you. A live in housekeeper works on a full time basis usually, working between 40-50 hours a week, five to six days a week around ten hours a day.

What Does A Live In Housekeeper Expect For The Role?

A live in housekeeper will need their own accommodation such as a spare room, self-contained apartment or annexe, with access to kitchen and bathroom facilities. As well as accommodation, meals or food should ideally be provided (at least whilst on duty). Some households may provide benefits such as a car to allow them to run errands, Wi-Fi, a TV and a mobile.

How Do I Hire A Housekeeper?

If you are looking to hire a housekeeper in London, contact The Graham Agency to begin your search. We have over thirty years of experience in matching households with fantastic household staff. We can advertise your position within our members and pre-screen your applicants, so you are only presented with the most appropriate applicants for the role.

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