Living Wage

Living Wage

Recent research suggests that up to six million workers in the UK are currently paid less than the Living Wage.

Of course, you need to know three important matters:

What actually is the current Living Wage, secondly how does this figure fit in with current legal minimums and thirdly, where can you earn the best return for your labours.

To understand these factors, you will find the following information very useful.

The living wage, promoted by the Living Wage Foundation, is currently £7.85 per hour and £9.15 per hour in London. It is not compulsory for employers to pay it. This wage is well above the compulsory national minimum wage, and more that the new national living wage which will come into force this year.

The national minimum wage however is the compulsory minimum level of pay set by the government each year on the advice of the Low Pay Commission. It is currently £6.70 an hour for adults aged 21 and over, and £5.30 for those aged 18 to 20.

This will change again as a result of plans announced in the last Budget; a new compulsory National Living Wage will come into force from April 2016. it will be paid to workers aged 25 and above. it will be set initially at £7.20 an hour and is intended to exceed £9 per hour by 2020.

There is another route however to earn considerably more than this. At The Graham Agency, our candidates placed as domestic and household staff always earn between £10.00 and £15.00 per hour. These are levels which represent your worth.

So come and talk to us. We always have a range of domestic and household staff jobs and are always looking for candidates with appropriate skills and experience.

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