Lock Down And Furlough Mental Health Issues  

Lock Down And Furlough Mental Health Issues  


We all like to think that we are doing our job well, and working in the domestic and household sector has many advantages. None of like to think that we’re under-performing.

However, in these Coved-19 times, stress and anxiety can creep up without you being aware.

Take a look at yourself and your well-being and if you find that actually you are NOT at your best, it is comforting to know that you are not alone.

New research has shown that more than a third of employees returning to work are struggling with mental health issues.

The research was carried out in a recent survey by Mind, the mental health charity. It found that 35 per cent of people in work described their mental health as being “poor” or “very poor” and that returning to work was causing them to feel anxious.

It is worth keeping this in mind and if you feel low, talk to someone about it. Your doctor is always a good option. You are not alone.

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