M.Ps Committe Calls For A Ban On NDA ‘Gagging’ Clauses

M.Ps Committe Calls For A Ban On NDA ‘Gagging’ Clauses

In a major development in the on-going issue of non-disclosure agreements, a committee of MPs is now calling for specific  changes to clauses which, when wrongly used, handcuff employees in taking their case to a tribunal.

In some cases say the Women and Equalities Committee, “gagging clauses” in non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)  are being  used to “cover up unlawful and criminal behaviour.”

These gagging clauses; “are effectively being used as a tool  by employers to silence allegations of unlawful discrimination and harassment against employees”, said the committee.

Such  clauses impose possible heavy financial barriers to affected employees when they try to take cases to employment tribunals

NDAs have come under scrutiny since serious allegations of sexual abuse were raised  against the American former film producer Harvey Weinstein which sparked the Me Too movement.

In collecting personal accounts of NDAs being misused over  90 people wrote to the Women and Equalities Committee sharing their experiences.


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