Making Changes In Changed Times

Making Changes In Changed Times

As employers, including those of domestic and household staff, try to navigate their way through our deeply changed lives and circumstance, it is unsurprising that work practices often have to change.

But what are the procedures you, as the employer, need to follow when changes to a contact of employment need to be made?

A contract of employment is a legal agreement between you and the employee. You can’t lawfully change its terms without agreement from the employee.

Typically the changes you may seek to make include, among others: pay cuts, alteration of working hours, the employee’s duties, sick leave entitlement, contractual maternity rights and benefits over and above those legal entitlements.

Unilateral changes to terms and conditions should be avoided as they can lead to claims of breach of contract, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

You can make what is termed a Variation of Contract if the contract of employment includes a provision for this. If changes are made you still need to give notice before they are implemented and  provide a written statement of the amendments.

Employment law is complex and we hope this overview helps you. However, we, as always, recommend seeking appropriate professional advice before  taking any action.


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