Meet the Team

Our team of friendly professionals are committed to helping you:

Diana Graham

Diana, our managing director, has headed The Graham Agency for over 35 years, growing the business in tandem with married life and raising two children. She takes the time to fully understand her clients’ needs and places the best candidate for a particular position.


“The process is a bit like matchmaking!  Many clients have their staff living with them and therefore it’s important for both of them that the chemistry is right.  It is also vital to ensure that job descriptions are clearly outlined and agreed in advance so that walking a pampered pooch or feeding a child’s pet rabbit will be gladly accepted as part of the job.”


She is meticulous in verifying references and qualifications. She is discreet in dealing with her high profile clients. Her ability to seek out suitable staff was even recognised by the late Michael Winner!

Karen Dawkins

Karen, one of our directors, has over 28 years’ experience working with the Company, helping to develop the unique personal approach to client relationships and candidate selection which has proved so successful.  She has a keen understanding of the needs of clients, together with the flair for finding them the right candidate to match individual needs.


Karen previously worked with the Agency’s CEO, Stephen Graham, in his own property consultancy, including client relationships and the managing of a large portfolio of properties.


Karen is used to dealing with people at all levels and has a keen understanding of the needs of clients, together with the flair for finding them the right candidate.  She has worked for a number of companies and has managed a large portfolio of properties.

Stephen Graham – CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of the agency, Stephen has brought a wealth of experience of working at the most senior international levels and provides an overview of the agency’s development.


For many years now he has operated his own property consultancy in London, providing personal advice and expertise for a range of clients.  He has many years of experience in understanding clients’ requirements.

Rod Andrews

Rod Andrews has many years’ experience in the field of marketing and public relations. Previously his agency,

Andrews and Associates held accounts for divisions of blue chip companies including Phillips and Bosch as well as five national trade associations. He brings an experienced overview to our activities.