Minimum Wage Increases For All Ages – Make Sure You Are Up-To-Date.

Minimum Wage Increases For All Ages – Make Sure You Are Up-To-Date.

Increases in the minimum wages which should be paid to workers in the UK are due to take affect in the next few months. As an employer of domestic/household staff it is important that you are aware of the changes and implement them.

This follows the announcement by Chancellor Philip Hammond in the autumn budget on Nov 22 of increases to come into force in April 2018.

The National Living Wage, the legal minimum for workers over 25 years old will see an increase of 33p per hour, representing a rise of 4.4%. This increase is above the current level of inflation and brings the new National Living Wage to £7.83 per hour from £7.50 per hour. This amounts to an annual increase of about £600 for a full-time worker.

It is estimated to bring a wage increase for two million workers.

Mr Hammond also announced an increase in the national minimum wage – applied to under 25 year olds.

From April, 21 to 24 year-olds will see their minimum wage increased from £7.38 per hour from the current £7.05 rate, an above inflation rise of 4.68%.

Workers aged between 18 to 20 will see their wage rise receive a 30p boost to £5.90 per hour and for 16 to 17 year-olds the minimum will rise by 15p to £4.20 per hour.

The minimum wage for apprentices will increase by 20p to £3.70 per hour.


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