Mounting Carer Pressures Creates Risks?

Mounting Carer Pressures Creates Risks?

Mounting pressure on Britain’s care for the elderly has opened a potential area of risk for those in need of care.

Ex-pats living primarily in Spain are being recruited to care for the elderly in the UK by organisations which provide carers – but there are unanswered questions about the qualifications, experience and background of these “carers.”

Many of those being recruited allegedly have no prior experience but are being tempted by high earnings if they fly back to the UK for temporary care work.

Here at The Graham Agency, we take the utmost care to check references, verify their authenticity, ensuring that all relevant police records checks have been carried out. It would be a huge area of concern if such checks were not being carried out on those recruited to fill the staffing gap in the care for the elderly sector.

Those taking up the option of flying back to the UK for a few weeks at a time to fulfil carer roles are self-employed and as such are not directly responsible to an employer.

As experienced professionals for close on 30 years in providing staff for all sectors of the domestic and household market, we would urge those engaging the services of carers to ensure that such people have references, had the necessary checks, experience and, where appropriate, qualifications to perform such tasks in a proper manner. All references should be verified.

The safest route is to use the services of an experienced agency and here at The Graham Agency, we are always ready to find the right person for your needs and the needs of elderly relatives.

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