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New Rules For EU Citizens Visiting The UK Post-Brexit.

A major proposed travel change post-Brexit will affect citizens of EU countries –  perhaps your family members coming to see you where you are working.

They will need US-style ESTA pre-approval to enter the UK.

If the scheme is implemented visitors will need to give at least three days’ notice before arriving here in order to gain clearance. They will also have to complete a form on-line, the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to gain entry to the UK, in addition to bringing their passports.

Without the new visa waiver, which there will be a charge for, would-be visitors it seems, will be turned back at the airport.

The new rules may well mean that EU citizens will no longer be allowed to travel to the UK on national identity cards. It is possible, we will have to wait and see, that the EU is likely to reciprocate and introduce a similar scheme in 2021.


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