How To Clean Your House From Top To Bottom

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Home

During the winter months, we spend more time indoors and are less likely to open windows to ventilate our home. With the lockdown in place, we’re spending more time at home than ever, so maintaining a clean and healthy home is hugely important for the health of you and your family.

We take you through some of the top tips for cleaning your home from top to bottom from some housekeepers in Chelsea who have experience in providing professional cleaning services for private homes with high standards.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchens are often the most used areas of a home, becoming the hub of the home where we make and fetch food and drink. As an environment where food is prepared, it is vital to ensure it is kept clean and bacteria is kept on top with, to prevent the risk of illness due to bacteria such as e-coli or salmonella.

It is best to wipe down worktops with an anti-bacterial cleaner daily, before and after preparing food. When handling raw meat, be careful what you touch and wash your hands as soon as you are finished handling it. Wipe down services and wash cutting boards thoroughly.

Spills can easily happen when we’re cooking, whether it’s a pot bubbling over or a spill when plating up or preparing ingredients. Mess is half the fun of cooking! Wipe and disinfect stove tops and counters after cooking and when the stove has cooled down to prevent stains building up and becoming more burnt on.

Ovens should be cleaned every three months ideally, more frequently if it sees a lot of use or there is a large spill. If your oven smokes when used, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. When cleaning your oven, remove the oven racks and place them in the sink to soak in warm soapy water. Alternatively, you can buy an oven cleaning kit which supplies a bag you can soak them in cleaning liquid with.

While leaving these to soak for a few hours, you can clean your oven – you could use a chemical oven cleaner or try a homemade solution of water and bicarbonate of soda to make a paste. You can add vinegar or lemon to activate it and clean more difficult stains.

Rinse everything thoroughly after cleaning to ensure it is food safe and safe to use once the oven is used again.

Best Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

Chelsea housekeepers recommend deep-cleaning your bathroom at least once a week and giving it a wipe down daily.

Dust and germs can congregate easily in a bathroom, as well as mould due to the humidity. Invest in wipes to easily wipe down services and dispose of them in the bin rather than flushing them down the toilet to prevent blockages. Shower sprays can be used daily to clean showers and help prevent limescale, but you may want a targeted limescale cleaner to keep glass masks at bay.

Invest in a good toilet cleaner and squirt round the bowl daily, or invest in a clip on cleaner or block to clean the toilet every time you flush. Get in the habit of closing the lid every time you flush to prevent germs being spread around the bathroom.

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

When was the last time you washed your bed sheets? If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long. Housekeepers in Chelsea recommend that bedsheets should be cleaned every two weeks and more frequently if someone has had a cold or flu, suffers from night sweats or if pets jump on for a cuddle.

While we don’t want to ruin anyone’s sleep, beds harbour our dead skin cells, sweat and saliva so should be cleaned frequently to keep these at bay! Motivation to stop putting off cleaning the bedsheets at least!

Don’t forget to hoover under the bed and dust furniture as this can also build up quickly and impact breathing, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

How To Clean Your Living Room

Just like our beds, sofas can see a lot of close contact from us. If you have an upholstery attachment on your hoover, be sure to give it a quick go over while hoovering the floor or carpets. Use a specialised upholstery cleaning spray if there are any spills. Check the cleaning instructions for your sofa to ensure you do not damage it.

As well as hoovering at least once a week, dust, wipe and disinfect surfaces. Don’t forget your TV remote, as this often sees the most contact with our hands!

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I would like to thank you all for the care and attention you gave to ensure that our housekeeper was just right for us.

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