Normal Rules Still Apply In These Testing Times  

Normal Rules Still Apply In These Testing Times  

As the Covid -19 situation deepens, it is possible that, when implementing staff reductions or job changes, including Domestic and Household, that short cuts are made in the procedures.

It may well be that with today’s pressures, mistakes are simply made in genuine error, but figures recently released reveal that sometimes the short cuts are convenient decisions.

In the quarterly update of the Ministry of Justice it is revealed that employment tribunals have seen an 18% increase in single claims  in one year.

Employment tribunal claims involving individuals in the first quarter of 2020/21 (April to June 2020) increased by 18%, compared to the same period last year, to 10,000.

The Ministry of Justice attributes  the cause to the rise in unemployment and changes to working conditions caused by Covid-19.

This figures is expected by many, to continue to rise as the effects of the pandemic take hold.

The message for all employers is to stick to normal employment procedures.


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