Not All Employment Offers Are What They Seem!

Not All Employment Offers Are What They Seem!

A court case in the news has highlighted yet again, how careful Housekeepers must be when accepting positions abroad. In the most recent, a court was told the horrifying story of a housekeeper from the Philippines who was starved by her Singaporean employers and lost 40% of her body weight.

She was fed only small amounts of bread and noodles, and despite asking for more, she was refused. She was made to sleep in a store room, and only allowed to shower once or twice a week.

Her employers have been jailed, the husband for three months and the wife was jailed for three weeks and fined the equivalent of £5,700.

This brings home the importance of working through a professional organisation. Here at The Graham Agency, we have been finding high quality employment positions for our candidates for close on 30 years.

We take the greatest care to ensure that we match candidates with appropriate employers. For the best housekeeper positions, contact us. We look after the interests of candidates and employers.

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