Nowadays age is no barrier to keeping your job!

Nowadays age is no barrier to keeping your job!

A recent case  came before an Employment Tribunal where an woman, 89 years old was awarded £200,000 because her dismissal was “tainted by discrimination” against her age,

The woman was dismissed when she was 86 years old after she failed to upload details of cancer patients awaiting non-urgent breast reconstruction.

She claimed she had never been trained to use a new system, which led to the mistakes.

At Reading Employment Tribunal the woman claimed she had been dismissed on the basis of her age and that there had been unpleasant and derogatory remarks made concerning her health and age.

The Judge ruled that her dismissal was “tainted by discrimination”. He found that her grievances had not been addressed and that she had been treated differently to other staff because sufficient training had not been offered to her.

Age is no longer a barrier to retaining your job.



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