One In Five Care Homes In England Are Criticised.

One In Five Care Homes In England Are Criticised.

Continued exposure of deficiencies in care homes in England will yet again focus the minds of families on alternative solutions.

The organisation which checks and rates care homes the Care Quality Commission (CQC) uses four ratings – outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

Almost 3,000 of the country’s 14,975 care homes in England are currently rated either inadequate or needing improvement.

It has caused genuine concern among families seeking care for ageing relatives and more are now exploring the possibilities of funding care within the person’s home.

At The Graham Agency we know there is a better way for many people. This this option is not available to all,  but the benefits for the elderly are real: staying in the comfort and security of their own home under the wing of a full-time experienced carer.

Next question: How do you find the RIGHT carer?

The answer is that YOU don’t, we do. We have had over 26 years experience of finding the appropriate domestic staff, including carers for our clients. If you are considering this option, talk to us first.


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