Pandemic Stress And You

Pandemic Stress And You

What are the chances that you have, or are suffering from stress as a result of the Covid-19  pandemic? Statistically it is quite likely that you may be, but are just carrying on.

But sometimes it helps to have a reference to see what the effects of such stress are on your mental health and ability to cope with situations.

So we have compiled professional reference checks that you can make on your self with feedback from the Mental Health Foundation.

Check these out, and IF you feel that you have been affected in  one or more of these ways, talk to your doctor, and maybe to your boss.

So what are some of the main signs and symptoms?


Feeling of constant worry and anxiety

Feeling of being over whelmed

Difficulty concentrating

Mood swing and  changes in mood

irritability or having a short temper

Difficulty relaxing


Low self esteem

Eating more or less than usual

Changes in sleeping habits

Using alcohol, tobacco or drugs to relax

Aches and pains, particularly muscle tension

Diarrhoea and constipation

Feelings of nausea and dizziness

Feelings of constant worry and anxiety


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