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Parents Of Premature Babies May Be Given New Leave Rights.

Parents of premature babies could be given “neonatal leave” to spend more time with their children once they have left hospital.

The plans, which to date have not been been passed into law, were recently announced by former PM Theresa May as part of her “legacy.”

Mrs. May said that it is neither fair or right that the parents of premature babies should worry about their leave running out while they were in hospital caring for their babies.

Every year some 100,000 babies are in neonatal care, with the fathers often spending their two week paternity leave at the hospital with the baby and mother.

Mrs. May has suggested  “neonatal leave and pay” could be based based on the statutory £148.68 per week. For every week a baby is in hospital, parents would be granted a week of neonatal leave.

Mrs May also called for fathers to be given extended paternity leave to ensure that mothers no longer had to “shoulder the burden of childcare”.


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