Pay Is On The Up Is Yours?

Pay Is On The Up Is Yours?


Pay is on the increase….it’s official, so has yours gone up recently?

Pay in the UK rose by 3.1% in the last three month period monitored by the Office For National Statistics (June, July, August) last year. 3.1 % may not sound a lot, but it is if you are not getting it.

To put this into perspective, if you are earning, for example, £500 pw net, the 3.1% increase would mean another £15.50 per week, or £67 + per month. Now that’s not to be sneezed at!

Well, we can beat that, staff starting new jobs with us are consistently getting wages with a far higher rate of increase. Why?

Because we have some great jobs with great employers and when we match them together with domestic staff looking for great jobs, everyone wins!

So make a winning move, come and talk to us, just call us on  0207 118 0122, email [email protected]  OR just stroll in to our new ‘Walk in Wednesday’ at our office at 7a Southwood Hall, Muswell Hill Road, London N6 5UF every Wednesday between 11am and 3pm