Public Holidays in December & 2020. ‘Note Change In May’

Public Holidays in December & 2020. ‘Note Change In May’

Public Holidays 2019 And 2020 In The UK. Note Change In May

The thing about public holidays is that they don’t always remain the same. And in this coming year, there is an additional difference as it is a Leap Year, which means the calender has an additional day.

Some days remain the same of course, such as New Year’s Day, so below are the Public Holidays for December 2019, but in May there is a holiday date change.


England and Wales December 2019


25th Dec.          Wednesday             Christmas Day

26th Dec.          Thursday                 Boxing Day


England and Wales 2020


1st January      Wednesday             New Year’s Day

10th April         Friday                      Good Friday

13th  April         Monday                   Easter Monday

8th    May         Friday                      Early Bank Holiday (VE Day)

25th May         Monday                   Spring Bank Holiday

31st Aug.         Monday                    Summer Bank Holiday

25th Dec.         Friday                      Christmas Day

28th Dec.         Monday                   Boxing Day (substitute day)


Scotland 2019


2nd Dec.           Monday                   St Andrew’s Day

25th Dec.          Wednesday             Christmas Day

25th Dec.          Thursday                 Boxing Day


Bank Holidays Scotland 2020


1st Jan.                    Wednesday             New Year’s Day

2nd Jan.                    Thursday                 2nd January

10th April                  Friday                      Good Friday

8th May                     Friday                      Early Bank Holiday

25th May                  Monday                   Spring Bank Holiday

3rd Aug.                    Monday   `               Summer Bank Holiday

30th Nov.                  Monday                   St Andrew’s Day

25th Dec.                  Friday                      Christmas Day

28th Dec.                  Monday                   Boxing Day (substitute  day)


Bank Holidays Northern Ireland 2019


25th Dec.                  Wednesday             Christmas Day

26th Dec.                  Thursday                 Boxing Day


Bank Holidays 2020


1st Jan                     Wednesday             New Year’s Day

17th March               Tuesday                  St Patrick’s Day

10th April                  Friday                      Good Friday

13th April                  Monday                   Easter Monday

8th May                     Friday                      Early May Bank Holiday

25th May                   Monday                   Spring Bank Holiday

13th July                   Monday                   Battle  of the Boyne

Orangemen’s Day)

Substitute Day)

31st Aug.                  Monday                   Summer Bank Holiday

25th Dec.                  Friday                      Christmas Day

28th                          Monday                   Boxing Day (substitute day)


In 2020 the May Early Bank Holiday is on the May 8th  instead of May 4th.

Why is May Day bank holiday changed?

 Normally, May Day takes place on the first Monday in May, marking the start of spring. Next year, however, it’ll be shifted back to Friday 8 May 2020 to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.


This is to provide the opportunity for people to have a day   off to commemorate VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day. VE Day marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe.


Why Add a Leap Day?

In a Leap Year, February has an additional day and therefore there  the  month end is February 29th not the 28th. The reason for Leap days is that they are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun.

It takes the Earth 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds to circle once around the Sun. After 100 years, a calendar without leap years would be off by approximately 24 days in relation to fixed seasonal days.


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