Recommendation Can Turn To Condemnation

Recommendation Can Turn To Condemnation

It sounds a good idea… perhaps when you are about to leave  your job as domestic or household staff, your boss asks you to recommend a replacement. Or perhaps your boss’s friend asks if you can recommend someone for him – as one of his staff is leaving.

It sounds simple enough, and after all you are just doing a favour.

The candidate  turns up, is interviewed, accepted and starts work, but shortly afterwards things start to go wrong.

Maybe there are trust issues, small items start to disappear, the person’s timekeeping isn’t what it should be, there is not the required attention to detail in their work, cleanliness is perhaps an issue, or their cooking skills are not up to the required standard?

Whatever  the reasons, there is a fair chance that the blame could come back to you as you recommended them. That is the last thing you want, to have your reputation at risk of being tarnished simply because you tried to help.

The only safe answer if you are asked is: “I’m sorry but I don’t know anybody.” Sometimes keeping quiet is the safest option.


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