Sexual Discrimination At The Top

Sexual Discrimination At The Top

Yet again, a recent case in an employment tribunal has shown that unwanted sexual approaches still continue even at top social levels.

It reinforces that if YOU are subject to such behaviour, there is a legal route is open to you for redress and that the rights of employees have to observed.

In this case, a woman was awarded almost £400,000 in compensation against her former employer, the Quatari Government, for whom she worked at their embassy in London.

The woman was subjected to “repeated discrimination and harassment” the tribunal heard during her period working at the embassy. This included a senior ambassador making “persistent sexual advances” against her and threats when he was refused.

The ambassador also made discriminatory remarks about her religion, refusing her Ramadan greeting on the grounds that she “did not believe in God”.

The court heard how the employee was suspended after failing to pick up a visitor from the airport, despite being given the wrong information. She was then threatened with dismissal.

She was formally dismissed in June 2014 “without reason” before bringing the discrimination claim in September the same year.

The former employee was awarded a total of £388,920.15 in compensation for sex and religious or belief discrimination, loss of earnings, psychiatric injury, injury to feelings and unpaid holiday pay.



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