Shared Parental Leave May Be Extended To Grandparents…

Shared Parental Leave May Be Extended To Grandparents…

If you are mother, or father, or could be in the future, this month, May 2019, there are some developments  which may interest you. The government is taking the first steps to further extending the shared parental leave option.

It is due to publish its first consultation on the extension on shared parental leave to grandparents .

At the moment, the right to shared parental leave covers only the mother’s partner, the child’s father, or the mother’s partner if there is an enduring family relationship.

Under the current system, “partners” are eligible for shared parental leave.

“Partner” means the father of the child, or the person who, at the date of the child’s birth, is married to, the civil partner of, or the partner of the mother.

This includes someone, of either sex, who lives with the mother and the child in an enduring family relationship.


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