So you think you are saving money? Part two

So you think you are saving money? Part two

You notice we have called  the arrangement an “agreement” because it is still unclear legally if it is actually a contract at all and often the courts will decide the issue having examined all aspects of the working relationship.  Suddenly it’s started to get complicated!

Now you face the possibly of it being decided if the worker is an employee or not, has a contract of employment and is entitled or not to the rights of an employee.

There are other issues as well for the individual which makes the arrangement less than attractive.  For example, an individual on benefits may have them stopped if they refuse the employment hours offered, but with the payment being less than the benefit.

There is one other issue.  Why are you searching for a domestic staff member yourself?  There are a host of pitfalls, not the least the ones we have discussed here.

The only sensible solution is to use an experienced and reputable agency which specialises in locating the right domestic staff, vetting them, and having access to contacts who can help you with such issues as contracts of employment and payroll.

Who should you turn to?  At The Graham Agency we have over 26 years experience e of doing just this.  Don‘t take risks, it’s a minefield out there.  Please give us a call and we will sort it for you.  End of problem.