Some Criminal Records Could Be Sealed – Denying Employer Access

Some Criminal Records Could Be Sealed – Denying Employer Access

If the recommendations of an independent review of the treatment of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals in the criminal justice system become law, the criminal records of any criminal could be sealed from employers, including of course those of domestic and household staff.

The review, review, led by MP David Lammy makes the point that the UK legal system should take on board the American system for ‘sealing’ criminal records.

Ex-offenders can have their case heard by a judge, or an independent body, e.g. a parole board, where they could argue that they have reformed.

A judgement would then be made to decide if the criminal record should be ‘sealed’, having considered such aspects as time since the offence and evidence of rehabilitation.

If the decision goes the applicants way, their criminal record would still exist, but the ex-offender would not need to disclose it and employers would not be able to access it.

The review also recommends a presumption to look favourably on those who committed crimes either as children or young adults but can demonstrate that they have changed since their conviction.

It’s early days, but we will follow developments.

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