Sometimes Information Can Go A Long Way

Sometimes Information Can Go A Long Way

Despite a campaign launched earlier in the year to raise awareness of the shared parental leave scheme, take-up remains low. Are your domestic staff employees aware?

Less than 8 per cent of eligible families have signed up for the scheme since its inception in 2015, that allows mothers to pass some of their leave allowance to fathers during a child’s first year.

A recent study by University College, London indicates that almost half of families who qualify do not believe they are eligible for it.

Over 40% of parents asked, favoured a separate leave entitlement for fathers rather than sharing the leave. It would appear that some employers are not co-operating in the spirit of the entitlement whilst the financial implications worry many.   It could well be that actually facilitating the leave sharing might well favourably affect staff loyalty. And that is never a bad result.



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