Temporary Staff Have Rights As Well As Permanent Staff

Temporary Staff Have Rights As Well As Permanent Staff

With the holiday period now on us, many employers will take domestic staff, particularly housekeepers away with them, so who looks after things while they are away?

If the answer is ‘no one’ then perhaps it maybe wise to consider temporary staff. Your need for temporary staff may be for another reason, for instance help with parties, often held outdoors and requiring extra pairs of hands. Whatever the reason, it is important to recognise that there are rules of engagement which you need to know to ensure that your employment terms meet legal requirements. If you are in this situation, then the following will be of assistance.

A so-called zero-hours contract is probably not workable if you are not available to determine when and if help is required.

You obviously need an employment start date, and don’t forget to stipulate an end date. This can be either a specific end of employment date, or a date when a specified task is completed.

You should, for your own protection, include an early termination clause, or you will have to pay the person until the stated end is reached.

If the temporary employment you are offering is for one month or longer then the working conditions you offer have to be the same as those offered to your fixed term employees.

These include their annual leave allowance, although this will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, their rates of pay, rest periods as well as tax arrangements. Should you choose what for many is the simpler route of using an employment agency, their employment rights will be determined by The Agency Worker Regulations 2010. These regulations include entitlement to the same rates of basic pay as a direct employee after the employee has been with you for 12 weeks

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