The Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple

The Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Couple

What Is A Domestic Couple? 

A domestic couple is usually a husband and wife who work for a property on a live-in basis in their own separate or self-contained accommodation. Between them, they will be responsible for a variety of different household tasks.

Usually, the female will be required to run the household, provide childcare, family cooking or a mix of all of these – usually in the role of a Housekeeper or Nanny. The male may be required to work as a chauffeur, handyman, butler, gardener or again a mixture of these.

Whilst domestic couples tend to be a husband and wife, they can sometimes be brother and sister, a long-term unmarried couple, civil partnership or two friends who have combined skills.

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Domestic Couple?

Domestic couples are becoming an increasingly popular option because as a couple, they can provide a wealth of services and together can cover many of the requirements of your household staff needs.

The brilliant thing about a domestic couple is that they come as a ready-made team, who have excellent communication between them to ensure all their household responsibilities are taken care of. They are likely to be able to commit to the job for the longer term and be able to work more flexibly as they work with their partner. As well as this, a domestic couple is usually more cost-effective as they earn a joint salary.

There are many different types of domestic couples you can employ, and you can advertise for the skills you most desire for domestic couple jobs.

Advertising For Domestic Couple Jobs

If you think a domestic couple may be the right choice for your household, please get in touch with us at The Graham Agency and we’d be more than happy to offer you helpful advice and insight and talk to you about the qualities you are looking for from your domestic couple.

We have been matching domestic staff with private households for over thirty five years and have plenty of experience in advertising domestic couple jobs and finding the right candidates for the role.

Once we have a clear idea about the skills you are looking for, we’ll advertise the role on our website and filter through the applicants to find the most appropriate candidates before screening them to provide a tailored and bespoke shortlist for you to review. We understand your time or that of the house manager are precious which is why we aim to present you with only the very best candidates.

We require candidates to have at least two years’ experience in a similar role and we thoroughly check references for anyone you want to interview to ensure they are genuine and have good employment history in their previous roles.

Get in Touch Today

So, if you would like to advertise domestic couple jobs for your property then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. With over three decades of experience, we deliver the very best service to all of our clients and match them with the very best applicants. Our longevity in this industry is thanks to our brilliant quality of service which has seen us recommended time and time again.