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The Hidden Dangers Of Finding A Domestic/Household Staff Replacement Through Recommendation

The Hidden Dangers Of Finding A Domestic/Household Staff Replacement Through Reccommendation.

It sounds a good idea, a simple solution to the problem. Your trusted domestic/household staff member is leaving and you need a replacement, what could be easier than asking them to recommend a friend?  Or, you could ask a friend of yours who also employs domestic staff, for a recommendation.

The recommended candidate  turns up, is interviewed, accepted and starts work, but shortly afterwards things start to go wrong.

Maybe little items start to disappear, the person’s timekeeping isn’t what it should be, there is not the required attention to detail in their work, cleanliness is perhaps an issue.

Did you ask specifically if they have the skills and experience you need?

Did you get a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check  carried out?

(These reveal a criminal record for most offences) Did you ask for references?  Did you then follow through and check them with previous employers? Are the references false?

The steps that were missed now come back to haunt you.

So who do you have to blame…?  Simply, yourself!

You probably didn’t go through these procedures because it isn’t  your job…but it is ours and that is what we do to prevent things going wrong.

We have followed these verification procedures since our inception in 1984 and in the years since, we have seen for ourselves why this is necessary.

There is no shortcut to making sure you have the right person, in the right job, with the right employer. Asking for a recommendation may sound a good idea but you need to ask yourself, is it worth taking a risk in having a person who has not been thoroughly checked out, working in your home? The answer is obvious ~ NO it’s not.

When you need a domestic or household staff member, talk to us. It’s our job and satisfied clients tell us we do  it well.


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