The time to plan for older age is NOW

The time to plan for older age is NOW

One of the modern issues that arise among our aging population is that all too often we fail to acknowledge that the process of aging is happening to US.

This was highlighted in a recent survey carried out by YouGov, for the firm Invicta Telecare, which provides support services for older people.  More than 2,000 people aged 65-93 were surveyed.  The survey showed that only 6% of over-65s describe themselves as “old” and only one in three has given serious thought to the care they may need in the future. Now THAT is worrying, but not totally unexpected.

Other issues surfaced as well, for example, the survey showed that almost two-thirds (62%) were concerned about being seen as a problem by society and one in five (21%) of those polled worried about being thought of as a burden to friends and family as they grew older.

OK, enough about the survey; what can WE do about it?  We can start to think about taking care of ourselves, AND start to talk to our family about how we want to be cared for as we grow older and in need of care.

But to think through all the options, one must know all the options, but too often we find that one of the most beneficial routes open to a growing number of people is never considered at all.

Residential care, that’s often the first thought, but with all one hears about some of the levels of care and attention, that is not always the best option. Indeed the very best option of all is to do almost nothing!

How so?  You or your relatives do need to do quite a few things, but the one thing that YOU as the aging person in need of care do NOT need to do, is move from your own home.

Increasingly more and more people, the aging themselves and/or their relatives are going down the road of ensuring their loved ones stay in the comfort and security of their own home with the assistance of and within the care of a full-time carer, either resident or non-resident.

How is this achieved?  The very first step is to talk to someone that specialises in sorting out the details and in finding the appropriate staff.  And that doesn’t just mean someone who can do the job.  It means matching up the needs and personalities of the people concerned with an appropriate carer so that the experience of being cared for in one’s own home is satisfying, enjoyable and long term.

We at The Graham Agency think we do this better than anyone else.  Why? Because we have over 26 years experience in this field, we are effective in getting things right, and regard taking the time to match carers to people as the most important of ALL our tasks.  Yes, there are bigger agencies, but we DO have the time and expertise to consider the personal issues.  Personal service is our byword.

We pride ourselves on understanding the unique requirements of each client through personalised contact, discussion and appreciation of their individual circumstances.  We recognise the special relationship between clients and their domestic staff, matching not just individual skills and experience, but also acting as both catalyst and link to establish a rapport for mutual benefit.

Putting people together through personal service.  Talk to us now.