The UK Is A Safe Working Environment

The UK Is A Safe Working Environment

Yet again, international news regarding treatment of Filipino domestic staff in Kuwait has highlighted the risks of working in some counties. Increasingly the UK is seen as the safe option.

The Philippines has suspended sending workers to Kuwait, while it investigates the deaths of several Filipinos there.

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines claims that abusive employers in the Gulf state have driven four domestic workers to suicide and says he is aware that many Filipino women have suffered sexual abuse in Kuwait.

Kuwait has contacted the Philippine authorities over the claims.

Philippines Labour Secretary Silvestre Belo however says that the number of such cases is even higher with six or seven being investigated

Here at The Graham Agency we have successfully placed many Filipino personnel in well paid domestic employment and will continue to do so. The UK is a safe, well-remunerated option, and we take the greatest possible care to ensure that the needs of both candidates and clients are closely matched.

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