The Vaccination Question

The Vaccination Question

It is quite possible that in the near future, you will be faced with a new question at a job interview for a domestic or household position….”Have you had a Covid-19 vaccination and if so can you prove it?”

As the number of people working and living in the UK having the opportunity of a vaccination, employers may well specify they only want new staff who have been vaccinated. So where do you stand on this?

As matters stand there is no legal guidance on the issue, but already one London firm – not involving domestic/household positions – has said: “No Jab, No Job”

Saga Holidays has announced that it will not accept passengers on their cruise holidays who have not been vaccinated.

But the questions are many. Does this discriminate against applicants who choose not be vaccinated to be vaccinated on the grounds of disability or religious beliefs?

The situation where if you are employed and your employer insists that you be vaccinated also raises the issue, can they insist on it? Could you be dismissed by refusing?

The situation will develop in the not too distant future and we will keep you informed of your rights as everything becomes clearer.



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