Too Worried To Complain

Too Worried To Complain

Too worried to complain! It can only be described as disgusting that hundreds of  thousands of elderly people in care homes, according to a government watchdog organisation, suffer in silence about a range of issues, because they are too worried about the response.

Once again, such news only makes it even more relevant for relatives and the elderly to consider options other than moving into residential care. Granted it is not possible for all, there are of course finance issues, but even when this is achievable, often alternative courses are not considered purely because they don’t come readily to mind.

The course of action taken by many clients is simplicity in itself – stay in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, with the help of a carer, who can either be employed on a full-time or visiting basis.

Not only are you in familiar surroundings, you remain within your existing network of friends in the locality you know, and remove the risk of having to change care homes at some time in the future. All too often this has been necessary as a care home closes, with all the upheaval this creates.

We at The Graham Agency have close to thirty years experience of meeting the household staffing needs of families, and take the greatest care in matching candidates to the particular needs of clients.

If you have family who are either considering residential care, or will need to examine such option in the near future, come and talk to us.