Vaccine Passport Required

Vaccine Passport Required

The debate around vaccine passports continues to develop with the UK still saying that at present there are no plans to initiate such a programme.

Much of Europe, however, is rapidly taking  different view. For those  contemplating a much needed summer holiday, with or without domestic and household staff, this may present hitherto unanticipated problems. Can we travel abroad without a vaccine passport?

At present, the following countries have either already initiated a vaccine passport or have announced plans to do so.


Since January 21, 2021, Iceland authorities have started granting ‘COVID-19 vaccination certificates to Icelandic citizens who received the second jab of the vaccine against the virus, becoming the first country in the Schengen Area to start the practice of granting these documents to persons vaccinated against COVID-19.


The government plans to permit travellers  entering its territory travellers from the EU at least, who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, without any restrictions. Travellers wile have to show proof they have been vaccinated against COVId-19.


For a few weeks now, Hungarians who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus are permitted to enter restrictions-free if they can prove their immunity with a plastic card. Those holding such card in Hungary may soon enjoy additional benefits as the liberty to stay out past the national curfew of 8 pm.

Czechia ,Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia Spain and Sweden have all announced plans to create their vaccine “passport” certificate, which in some cases maybe a credit type card or digital.

France has  indicated that only  those having such a certificate will be permitted to use public transport.

Some of the above countries have also indicated that entry to restaurants, bars and events could be restricted to such official evidence of vaccination.

In effect this could create a Them and Us situation with those those declining vaccination effectively  barred from some aspects of life. Those unable to have a vaccination for medical reasons should also have evidence to this effect.

It remains to be seen if the UK government sticks with their “No Passport” decision.

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