What Is A Domestic Couple?

What Is A Domestic Couple?

What Does A Domestic Couple Do?

A domestic couple will usually offer services that cover two sides of domestic help, one may be a housekeeper/cook/nanny and the other may work as a gardener, chauffer or handyman. However in some cases they be a housekeeper and a butler, nanny and a chef or any combination of skills – it is really dependent on what the client is looking for or what you can offer as a domestic couple.

A domestic couple will usually be married or long-term, who work well together and complement each other’s skills. However, in some cases they could be good friends or family. They will live within the property, sometimes with separate accommodation. This is often one of the ideal jobs for couples who want to be able to live and work together and wouldn’t be likely to see other much otherwise due to work commitments.

What Should We Consider When Looking At Jobs For Domestic Couples in London?

If you are considering looking for domestic couple jobs in London, you should be able to work well as a team and be able to separate your personal life from the role. You will need good communication skills and strong foundations as a couple to be able to resolve any conflict between you so that it does not interfere with your work or professionalism.

It is understandable that as a couple, you may wish to take any holiday or leave together. This is expected so try to give your household as much notice as possible, so they can accommodate during your absence.

Where Do We Find Jobs For Domestic Couples in London? 

At The Graham Agency, we help to match our clients with the perfect candidates for the role. If you would like to know about the latest jobs for couples, please visit our jobs page to see our current positions available and get in contact if you see a role that is suitable for you with the vacancy reference number.