What one country can do, so should we

What one country can do, so should we

They live the other side of the world, but face similar problems to us here in the UK in that they have an increasing aging population.

The difference is that this country has made a commitment to allowing older people to stay in their own homes as long as possible – and is providing funding to make it happen, not simply trading on vague ideas that never seem to materialize.

So where is this utopia? Answer:  Australia.

There, the government recently introduced legislation that almost doubles the number of homecare packages.

In a sweeping reform which does see better off people facing means testing and higher charges, the plan will boost federal spending in that country by Aus$577 million over a five year period.

There are some downsides, but it doesn’t negate the fact that their reforms include a Aus$3.7 billion ten year Living Longer, Living Better plan, which has, at its core, the concept of ensuring that people can stay longer at home and protect them from emergency home sales to pay for care.

Whist we at The Graham Agency applaud recent moves by the UK government to reform social care charges and protect more saving for the elderly, they continue to miss out on that sector of our country that wants to grow older in their own homes.

We at The Graham Agency have already started a direct lobby campaign with the Prime Minister to address the needs of those who wish to stay in the security and familiarity of their own homes with the support of a live-in or live-out carer.

We know the benefits of this care concept:  greater stability, freedom from unnecessary stress of moving into residential care.  We are involved in locating such carers and matching them to the needs of our clients all the time.

We appeal to our government to widen their horizons in dealing with reforms for care for the elderly. What one country can do, so should we.