What’s the answer for a busy, working mother?

What’s the answer for a busy, working mother?

If you are a busy working mother at some point you may ask yourself: “Why am I doing this? So much of my earnings are going on childcare.”

It’s a fair question and, looking at some of the statistics, it’s not hard to see why it comes to mind.

The Family and Childcare Trust recently produced some figures which show that, over the five years from 2010 to 2015, the cost of a part-time nursery place for a child under two years of age has increased by 32.8 %. They claim that a family paying for this type of care now spends £1,533 per year more than they did in 2010.

Another question you may ask is: “Is there a different way of doing this?” The answer is “yes”, and it’s a way that provides a raft of other benefits for the mother.

Employing a housekeeper can effectively transform your life. Someone can be available within your own home to care for your children, take them out, and do all the other things that are necessary for ensuring the well-being of your children. In addition, this person can run your home for you, and cook for you or help you with cooking, whichever is your preference. This frees up your time to keep your career on track with a clear conscience.

So how do you find such a person?

The answer to that is easy. Come and talk to us. We at The Graham Agency have over 26 years experience of finding the right person for our client families. Not just someone with the appropriate skills but with the right personality to fit in with your family. We have been doing this for a long time and we are good at it. Our candidates will have all been rigorously checked. It’s just part of the personal service we offer.

Come and talk to us.