When A Boss Tries To Cover Up – Know Your Rights.

When A Boss Tries To Cover Up – Know Your Rights.

As a domestic staff worker, you work in the home of your employer and the hope is that everyone respects you. But regrettably there maybe the occasion when you are not respected and some advances are made to you.

Of course this should never happen, but it is within the bounds of possibility and it is also possible that your boss may attempt to keep his actions under wraps by asking – or even demanding- that you sign a non-disclosure agreement. This would effectively stop you taking action against him.

However, the rules on these non-disclosure agreement (NDA’s) which are often termed “gagging orders” are changing.

The changes will form part of the government’s new Draft Domestic Abuse Bill. The intention is to stop employers from silencing employees when actions could otherwise be reported. It is quite possible that such actions would otherwise result in police involvement and or a tribunal hearing.

NDAs have have come under particular scrutiny since serious allegations of sexual abuse were raised  last year against the American former film producer Harvey Weinstein which sparked the worldwide Me Too movement.

The issue has more recently come under the spotlight in the UK with senior executives and bosses having to resign. Politicians have not been exempt.

For those interested in further details of the draft bill they can be found at www.gov.uk news Draft Domestic Abuse Bill.


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