When Cost Does Not Equal Care Quality

When Cost Does Not Equal Care Quality

An appalling list of deficiencies in a residential care home which charged between £680 and £1,350 a week highlights once again that cost does not equal quality and reinforces the need to consider other care options.

Inspectors found a resident, who previously had deep vein thrombosis, was left in bed for a year. Other residents were at risk from dehydration. Staff also reported that some wheel chairs in use were unsafe. The inspectors’ report showed that the home, which has since closed, was rated inadequate in four out of five areas

It is unsurprising that increasingly families are seeking alternative care options for relatives.

One option has been an integral part of our service for many years and that is the provision of carers, allowing an elderly person in need of care to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Admittedly this option is not available for everyone, but where finances permit, care can be provided within the person’s own home.

There are major financial advantages in home care, often many thousands of pounds less expensive, but with quality of life as the key issue.

There are a range of funding options: Parents maybe able to fund the cost out of their own resources from either, savings, income, pensions or life insurance payment.

There are options available from specialised insurance companies which can offer either a care provision plan for a one-off payment providing a monthly income. Parents can also take out what is effectively a loan against the value of their home, while they continue to live in it. Either way, dreams of being able to stay in their own home while having the security of live-in support can become a reality.

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