When Turning Up For Work Is A Bad Idea.

When Turning Up For Work Is A Bad Idea.

Maybe you have a bad cold, a virus or have hurt your back, but you still turn up for work, not wishing to let your employer down or fearing for your job as a member of domestic/household staff.

But actually are you doing the right thing? New research has shown that staff in all types of jobs are taking less and less time off work, continuing to show up even when they are genuinely ill.

It means that staff are not looking after their health properly, and the deep-seated reason seems to be fear of losing their job. This is far from a healthy working environment.

Recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that employers took an average of 4.1 days off sick in 2017 – almost half the 7.2 days taking in 1993, when records began.

Minor illnesses, such as coughs and colds, accounted for 34.5% of working hours lost in Musculoskeletal problems represented 17.7% of absences, and stress, depression or anxiety were given as the reason for 7.6% of absences.

No one wants to see their staff taking time off for minor issues, but if you are genuinely ill, speak to your employer, communication is the key and time off when it is needed benefits everybody.


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