When you think you have made a safe choice…

When you think you have made a safe choice…

… in selecting a care home.

So how DO you know if the care home you choose for a parent is a safe bet?

When that dreaded day comes around and you, together with one or both of your parents, have to make the decision that a residential care home option is the only way forward – you all anticipate that by choosing carefully you will make the best possible decision.

One of the aspects you will all consider is the viability of the residential home.  It comes as a shock then to discover that what appears safe and secure, may not be so at all!

In a revealing study, Company Watch has suggested that dangerously high borrowing has put one in three care homes at risk of collapse.

The report suggests that the average care home company has debts amounting to 82% of the value of their assets.

This raises the prospect of not just one more Southern Cross disaster, but many, as Company Watch claim their study shows some 1,500 care homes at risk.  The big problem for those faced with making a choice is that you don’t know the financial stability of the organisation you may select.

As we have already seen, closure of a care home entails a huge amount of stress for residents, upheaval, loss of newly made friends, new staff, etc.

At The Graham Agency we know there is a better way for many people.  It is not recognised, but available to many who perhaps have not considered it:  staying in the comfort and security of their own home under the wing of a full-time experienced carer.

Next question?  How do you find the RIGHT carer?

The answer is that YOU don’t, we do.  We have had over 26 years experience of finding the appropriate domestic staff including carers for our clients, checking out their previous experience and carefully matching personalities of candidates to clients.  With respect, it’s not a task for the beginner or amateur.  Once we have ascertained that this IS the right person for you or your parent or relative, we can then assist you with professionals in the fields of contracts of employment, payroll, etc. All the vital aspects that we know and do as a matter of course and that you would have to discover for yourself.

Take the sensible and professional option. Talk to us at The Graham Agency and we’ll do our best for you.