Why Thorough Checking Of References Is Essential

Why Thorough Checking Of References Is Essential

A recent court case illustrates just how important it is for employers of domestic and household staff to be as sure as possible of the prospective employee’s character.

In the case in point a butler working for a HNW family stole art and jewellery worth 1.9 million to fund a gambling addiction. He was jailed for six years, but still refuses to disclose the whereabouts of three high-priced items of artwork,

Now, we don’t all have artwork and jewellery worth millions in the house, but we still need to trust those working in our homes.

There have, in the past, been examples of references found to be false and that is why at The Graham Agency, we take the greatest care to double check on references given by candidates. We recognise the importance of such trust.

When considering employing domestic and household staff, talk to us first,

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