Will The Balance Change Again?

Will The Balance Change Again?

From time to time the balance changes between staff seeking a job and employers looking for staff.

When wages are held, or fall, the balance shifts towards employers. But now, with close to 1.3 million overseas nationals who have been working in the UK, quitting these shores and returning, will the law of supply and demand shift the balance to job seekers in domestic and household arena?

In London alone nearly 700,000 non-UK born staff have said goodbye

The figures come from The Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence when it conducted its Labour Force Survey recently,

The organisation  says the exodus of overseas workers could likely be explained by the impact of the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. The return home of these employees may also, says the organisation, be playing a part in unemployment figures, which are not as high as predicted, simply because they are no  longer part of the UK labour force.


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