Could You Be A Trend Setter?

Could You Be A Trend Setter?

Would YOU give special consideration to a female domestic staff member suffering from period pain?

Coexist, a Bristol-based arts centre, became the first in the UK  to offer formal period leave to women so they could work flexibly around their cycle.

Now, one national broadcaster, Emma Barnett, has claimed that If men had periods, they would automatically be given time off and “menstrual leave” would be “baked into HR policies.”

She has said that even talking about periods is a taboo, leaving women in a cocoon of silence.

So, if your female staff members either mentioned the issue because they were in pain, or you saw the symptoms of distressing pain, would you consider giving them time off?

Even further, would you consider establishing flexible working, or leave of absence for period pain in their contract of employment?


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