Domestic Couples in Westminster

We are a domestic recruitment agency who provide the highest quality domestic couples in Westminster, Mayfair, City of London, Knightsbridge and other parts of London and beyond.

We represent highly experienced professional domestic couples capable of managing a vast range of duties.

Domestic couples will be happy to take on any or all housekeeping duties.

These include cooking, laundry, washing, ironing, childcare, driving, gardening, security duties, DIY, maintenance, dog walking or working with animals.

A professional domestic couple will work hard to ensure your home runs smoothly on a daily basis.

They will also be able to deal with any emergencies efficiently and manage your home affairs, giving you peace of mind.

Over the years, we have found the demand for domestic couples is great as they carry out the jobs of three-four people, but their joint salaries and accommodation costs means this is a cheaper option than hiring several people.

Experience can vary from a hospitality background (hotel, chalet, villa or yacht) to those who have worked previously as domestic staff in homes or on estates.

Many nationalities of professional domestic couples in Westminster. All of these are represented and we will only register and use those with a good level of English and excellent references.

Generally they are looking for separate or self-contained accommodation and this is offered on top of the weekly salary.