Housekeepers Recruitment in Berkshire

What a Housekeeper Role Consists Of

A housekeeper is an integral member of household staff and can be a lifeline for those with busy lifestyles to help with the running of a house – taking care of chores such as cleaning, dusting, laundry, vacuuming and tidying.

They help to keep a home stay clean, tidy and organised and help keep a house in order which can be difficult to stay on top with a busy working or social life or perhaps you just don’t enjoy chores! They are much relied upon, and the best housekeepers have excellent organisational skills to keep on top of tasks and their timing. They’ll have excellent knowledge of cleaning techniques for a variety of surfaces and materials as well as specialist knowledge in handling delicate items such as antiques and vintage items.

When it comes to Housekeeper recruitment in Berkshire, The Graham Agency can work with you to understand your needs and requirements of the role you are advertising to help you find the perfect candidate.

Why Use a Housekeeping Recruitment Agency in Berkshire?

If you’re looking to recruit a housekeeper in Berkshire, then The Graham Agency can help you with your hiring process. We have been matching clients with candidates for over thirty-five years so are well-versed in helping people find their perfect housekeeper.

We’ll talk to you to fully understand the requirements of your role so we can be thorough with your recruitment and find you the perfect candidates for the role. We will pre-interview candidates and provide you with a shortlist to help save you time, so you only need to interview a very select final selection of the best applicants.

As an experienced housekeeper recruiter, we know the key skills to look for and aim to make the recruitment process as seamless as possible for you. We only select candidates that have at least two years’ experience in a similar role and have demonstrated loyalty to another employer so we can be confident of a long-term professional relationship.

Choose The Graham Agency as your Housekeeper Agency in Berkshire

To begin your housekeeper recruitment in Berkshire, get in contact with us at The Graham Agency by calling or emailing us and letting us know the details of your role. We’ll discuss your requirements and help build a detailed job description before advertising to our pool of experienced high-quality applicants to apply.

We will review all the applicants for you and whittle down the most suitable people and pre-interview them before providing you with a shortlist for you to interview. We understand your time is precious, so we aim to make your process as smooth as possible.

With four decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we have built a reputation as a reliable housekeeper recruiter in Berkshire and throughout the south east of England. Both clients and candidates recommend us and have helped us achieve the longevity and reputation we do. Get in contact today and we’ll be happy to start your recruitment process.