Maids Jobs Surrey

What Do Maid Jobs in Surrey Consist Of?

If you are looking for maid jobs in Surrey, we require you to have at least two years’ experience in a similar household. This will provide you with the experience and skill of working in a private household for our high profile clients with discerning taste.

Your responsibilities will usually be wide and varied, covering a multitude of tasks to keep the household clean, tidy and organised. You will usually be carrying out a range of cleaning tasks such as wiping down surfaces, polishing, changing bedding, doing laundry, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, emptying rubbish and much more.

There may be a mix of daily, weekly and monthly jobs that need to be covered and it will usually be down to you to organise your time to get through these.

What Qualities Do I Need for a Maid Job?

The ideal maid should be well organised, hardworking and trustworthy as this can be a demanding job. As such, they should be reliable and work to a high standard, intuitive to the needs and demands of their employer.

Someone looking for maid jobs in Surrey should be able to multitask and be able to keep on top of different jobs at once and keep track of everything they are doing. They need to be able to deal with unplanned events or requests and be able to shift work accordingly with excellent time management skills.

They should have good communication skills and be able to work with other staff or report to their employer where necessary and inform them of any issues or be able to manage expectations and understand requirements.

How Do I Find Maid Jobs In Surrey?

If you are looking for maid jobs in Surrey, it is worth signing up or keeping up to date with a leading domestic staff agency such as The Graham Agency. We will list the latest jobs we are recruiting for and will list explicitly what the skills and requirements of the job are.

An agency such as us works closely with the client to understand fully what they are looking for, so we can provide you with a detailed job description and talk through any questions or queries either party may have.

At The Graham Agency, we have been working in the industry for over thirty years so have built up a list of loyal clients and continue to find many more by reputation. We are able to connect you to maid jobs in Surrey from some of the highest profile clients and work hard to provide the perfect match for both you and your future employer.

Take a look at our current vacancies to see our maid jobs in Surrey and details on how to apply.