Recommended Candidates

Live out housekeeper (may consider live in)

D has been in the UK for 10 years and speaks excellent English.  She lives in Hampstead and is a very quietly spoken, neat lady, single with a 30 year old son who also lives in London.  D is very child friendly, an animal lover and a superb cook including of vegetarian cuisine. She is very competent in the care of special finishes, fine clothing, antiques etc.  D may consider a live in position.

Junior nanny/housekeeper

N is a 26 year old Polish lady who drives.  She has been working in Surrey for the last 18 months as a mothers help and she is leaving as she now feels she would like more responsibility.  She has taken care of children from 6 years old.  Her current employer says she is reliable, trustworthy, punctual and organised as well as having a lovely caring relationship with her children.  Natalia is seeking a position in London or Surrey.

Live in domestic couple

L is 46 and Z 38.  Both are good cooks to dinner party standard and both drive.  They also deliver silver service, superb laundry and ironing including of fine clothing, security, handyman, swimming pool  and outside maintenance etc etc.  They are available from 1st July 2019 and are currently in the South of France.  They speak basic French – they currently work together with a French team of a housekeeper, builder, alarm security personnel and gardeners.


All of these candidates are very well presented and personable.


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